Is the hungarian government preparing the public for the imprisonment of the opposition? (2017.09.10.)

Hungary’s pro-government media is preparing the public for violent measures against the opposition, claims MP István Szávay.

Quoting an article published on [government advisor] Árpád Habony’s portal, Jobbik’s parliamentary representative cites the words of author László Szentesi-Zöldi: 

“Russia is characterized by a centralized, hard government. That’s what they chose, that’s what they like. You feel pity for the imprisoned dissenters but what can you do? That’s just the way it is there.” 

 In Mr Szávay’s view, these statements are made to serve as a “guideline for Fidesz supporters”.

“Let us summarize the article (regardless if these statements truly apply to Russia or not): Szentesi Zöldi says there is a dictatorship in Russia but it was elected by the people so it’s all right that way. Since there is a dictatorship in Russia (because the people elected it), that’s why the prominent leaders of the opposition are in prison, but that’s just the way it is in that country, so it’s perfectly all right.” The politician says, asking the question: “Is this what we have to prepare for, too?”

As Mr Szávay put it, Fidesz’ explaining away the yanking a young woman to the ground and kicking her for protesting at the Tusványos meeting “clearly shows that the government is already preparing its supporters for accepting the idea of using physical violence against the opposition if it comes to that.”