Jobbik MP István Szávay will submit written questions to each ministry to find out how much they or their affiliated institutions or societies paid to Civil Union Forum - Civil Alliance Public Benefit Foundation (CÖF-CÖKA) from 2010 to 2016.

In his Budapest press conference on Monday, the opposition MP informed the media that the Ministry for National Economy had already answered an earlier written question, stating that the economic entities controlled by the Minister had not funded the organization in the given period.

Mr Szávay pointed out that CÖF-CÖKA also issued a statement after that, claiming that they had not received state funding until 2016. However, átlátszó.hu later published an article proving that the organization got 508 million HUF from the Hungarian Electricity Ltd (MVM). Interestingly enough, this sum is half of the total funds paid out by MVM. For example, the fake NGO was given more money than the world-class professional handball team sponsored by the company.

After CÖF was “busted”, the organization issued yet another statement saying that they had not received funds from state-owned companies between 2010 and 2016. However, MVM’s money was transferred to them late last year, the politician said.

Jobbik is convinced that hundred millions and even billions of taxpayers’ money were channelled to CÖF so that they could organize rallies and demonstrations in support of the government, Mr Szávay asserted. Jobbik’s MP also believes that the affair raises the suspicion of illegal campaign and political financing.

What MTI Hungarian News Agency failed to report

Some important questions were left out of MTI’s report. For example, the MP also pointed out that the funds were received in late December 2016, right when CÖF launched its anti-Jobbik smear campaign comparing Gábor Vona to former PM Gyurcsány. Furthermore, Mr Szávay is certain that MVM was not the only sponsor, and other entities will soon be revealed to have paid hundred millions of the taxpayers’ money to CÖF.

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